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For years, Dedicated Denial-of-Service (DDoS) were thought to be trending downward. If your IT folks are telling you it's not a problem, read this story from TechRepublic and see how the Internet of Things has radically changed that reality.

News (from Business Insider): "Casino Hacked Via thermometer in lobby aquarium".

They say "you can't make this stuff up", but these days it seems to be truer than ever.

Detroit started a public/private community crime reduction project in 2016 wherein businesses opt in to set up HD video cameras, lighting, and other security enhancement measures on their premises. The cameras are linked into the Detroit PD monitoring and dispatch system. DPD then prioritizes all calls to those locations. It's the first program of its kind in the country, and it is showing dramatic results.

With recent soft-target shootings in the news, Texas in particular, ASIS 163 took a look at church-related security issues during our November 2017 meeting. Here's a link to a regional group that focuses on church security. Andrew Alspach from our Chapter is now a member and has attended some of their meetings. Ask him about it.

ASIS 163

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